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Why A Scrap Metal Expert Can Help You With Your Used Car

Do you have an used, old car that is on its last legs? Or do you have a vehicle that is just hanging on by a thread, and you can’t get enough money, but want it gone? You would probably think about selling it privately or going all over it. Well, have you thought about looking at metal scrap services in Melbourne? No, you probably haven’t because it’s one of those out there situations that you probably don’t want to handle or think about. But that is okay because this blog post is going to be all about how a scrap metal dealer can help you.

Simple Service

You know how easy it is to get your used car sold to a metal scrap dealer? Here is how you do it:

  • You contact them and tell your situation
  • They’ll ask you for details about your vehicle, such as age, make, model and condition of the vehicle
  • You provide them
  • Based on what you tell them, they’ll offer you quote. If you’re happy, you take it.
  • They come collect it off your hands and pay you cash.

And that’s it!

They Will Take Your Whole Car…

First and foremost, scrap metal dealers love vehicles, because they can break down the car in parts and sell them off (which you can do, if you keep reading below). So in most cases, if you want to get rid of your vehicle, they’ll take it off your hands. And better yet, they will take the off your hands regardless of the condition, the age and model. But most importantly, they will take the vehicle off your hands regardless of the type of model it is. Van, bus, sedan, convertible, 4×4, the list goes on. If you have it, they’ll take it off your hands.

 Or Just The Parts You Don’t Want

Sometimes you don’t need to get rid of the whole car, but just part of it. And a scrap metal dealer will happily take it off your hands too. Not only do they take whole vehicles of any kind, they take parts of vehicles that you might not need. They will pay good money for the part if it condition, age and status of the part is of high-standards. So if you ever worry about selling just one part of your car, then these experts will help you with it.

We hope that you enjoyed this blog. It was sponsored by one of the leading metal scrap dealers and cash for cars services experts in Danny’s Scrap Metal. With years of experience behind them, they know a thing or two about helping with their old used cars. Reach out to them today for the best service in Melbourne!

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How To Get Best Value For Your Vehicle

Thinking about selling your right now? Well stop! You should be looking to get the best value for your vehicle before selling anything off. So in a bid to help you, we have a few key points here on how you can get the best value for your vehicle!

01. Clean It Up You know what hooks people into looking at a car? They way it looks! And we aren’t talking about the make or the model: we are talking about the shine that it gives off. The better the shine, the better the look, the more likely people will be enticed to looking at your car. This is the first step to getting people to look at your car and paying you the money you want. So when it comes to selling your car, give it the perfect clean you want with a full clean and wax. It will pay off in the long run: trust us.

02. Repair Any Damages From the outside of the car to the inside: repairing any damages to your engine is going to help you get a better price at the end. You’ve surely heard of the saying: “spend money to make money”. The same applies to car parts and repairs. If you put money into your vehicle to repair it, you will get it back when you sell it. People are willing to pay more for a vehicle that works compared to one that doesn’t.

03. Look Around For The Best Option Now to the hard part: looking around for the best offer for your vehicle. Don’t jump on the first offer you get (unless, its unworldly). Always take your time and see what is available to you throughout the market. Speak to car dealerships, car wreckers in Dandenong, look online and do some research, so you have a firm idea on the best way you can sell your vehicle.

04. Look For Deals Remember to see if you can get a good deal involving your car. For example, cash for car companies offer “free cash for car removal”, so that saves you money for getting your car towed. Keep an eye on deals so you get more (or save more) money.

05. Negotiate! Don’t be a sucker – fight for your car. Be a smart negotiate and focus on the positives of your vehicle, so you get the best bang for your bang. Don’t sell short, but also don’t overstep your expectations. Keep yourself focused and negotiate smartly: you’ll be able to get the cash you want for your car!

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Steps To Selling Your Car

Thinking about selling your car, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we are here to help with the key steps to selling your car – and getting the best price for it!

Step 1: Make Any Repairs

Unless your car is perfect with no problems right from the start, there is always going to be a chance you have to make repairs to your vehicle. Whether it amounts to a lot of work or a few simple repairs, you have will take your car to the mechanic to get it back to its best. The reason behind this point is simple: the better the running of your car, the more money you can fetch for it when you sell it. Remember that any repairs you make can be put right back into the selling price of the car, so you don’t have to worry about getting your money back.

Step 2: Check Your Car Against  The Market 

After your decision, you have to see the condition of your car and then check it against the market. There is millions of cars out there that are similar to yours, or the same model, and the value they are being sold for is going to have a huge impact on how much you can sell your car for. There is nothing wrong with inspecting the market, because it is how you are going to make your car stand out from the rest.

Step 3: Sell It! 

Finally,  we get to the good part: selling your vehicle. There are an array of options when it comes to selling your vehicle; each with their own pros and cons. So what works best for you is down to what you want. Here are your options:

    • Sell it online privately. You will be able to control the amount you want to sell it for and who you sell it too.


    • Get cash for old cars in Melbourne by selling it to a cash for car company. They will pay you straight cash for it and remove the car for you for free. However, you won’t get as much money as you want. There is a range of options out there with cash for cars in Northern suburbs and Melbourne ready to help you.


  • Sell it to a private car dealership. Perhaps the most annoying way to sell it because they are going to try to get the best deal themselves to ensure that they are able to sell it for the best price possible. You can negotiate to get the best deal but get ready for some debating.

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How to sell your old cars for money?

Cars have become a necessity more than a luxury these days. But with the advent in technology it has become evident that people need a change within a short span of time. This was not the case in previous times. Car manufacturers have come up with many new models to lure in the customers and increase their market share. It has been a trend that anything new which comes in the market is always better than the old one.


Keeping this in mind, many car owners tend to change their old cars for the new ones that are loaded with the latest features. With the lifestyle getting better day by day, people now have the power to spend on luxuries and can change their cars often as compared to old days.

This has given rise to the old cars segment as well. The old cars are sold for cash so that the money can be used to buy the new ones. It would be difficult for anyone to buy a new car with an existing one. It would also be an expensive affair when you only need one for daily requirements. Melbourne is known to scrap cars with ease and get onto a new one. But what happens to the old cars then? Scraping the car can be either completely making it useless or sell it to someone for money.

If you sell it to someone for money then it can be used by the person as their primary car. This is because they cannot afford to buy a new one so they settle for a used one. There are many people who buy cars for cash in Melbourne. It is a great business which is flourishing in Melbourne these days.

But there is a lot more associated to cash for cars in Melbourne. You need to inspect your car and understand what it lacks and needs repairs on what extent. If there is a minimal expense and the car can get into a drivable state then it will fetch you great value in the old cars market.

Cars have value on its current state and if it is not of any use then the value keeps on decreasing day by day. Moreover, if the car is very old and there are newer models come up then you may not be able to fetch a good price for it. You can contact an old car service provider who shall quote a price for your car and give you cash as per the convenience.

If there is no point in selling your car for a price lower than expected then you can always call a scrap dealer for cars and get a quote from them as they deal in old cars that can be bought at scrap value for cash. If your car in a drivable states then you can drive at such a dealer and get a quote. It is necessary for you to get a quote from at least 3 to 4 dealers to know who gives a good rate and then take a decision.