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Scrap Metal Recycling – An Alternative of Earning Some Extra Money

Money has always been a very motivating factor for all irrespective of whatever philosophy is woven around it.  So if one gets a chance to earn a little extra money from waste scrap metal, one would surely jump at it. A very safe way is to earn through recycling scrap metal. This can be doubly beneficial as there is less wastage and it gives a good earning potential.

We normally are very familiar with the recycling of paper and clothes. But it is equally lucrative to recycled metals. First let’s have a look at the metals and where they are found.

The metals that can be recycled are

Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel

Copper a Non Ferrous metal can be found in many places, in household appliances, machines air conditioners, and plumbing pipes.  It is mainly used in electrical wiring for its excellent conduction ability. In case any household  copper appliance has outlived its life then it can be then exchanged for a price with the shopkeeper. This metal can also be given to a scrap dealer who will be more than willing to come home to pick it up and also offer a price for it. Check out the main benefits of cash for cars here.

Aluminium though less valuable than copper has more use when recycled as it saves 80% of the energy needed to produce it when recycled .It is found in sliding windows ,doors, roofs, frames, vessels, phone lines, light bulbs. The soda cans can be collected and given to the scrap dealer or shopkeeper who will also pay and at the same time recycle them.

Brass can be found in pots and pans. In fact they can be sold to antique collectors who will preserve them and pay a good price.

Iron is one of the most common metals found right from a stove top, cast iron furniture, skillets, vessels, door handles, hinges, nails, saw, hammer, drills, ploughing equipment etc.

Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable. It can be found in Industrial applications washers and dryers, kitchen appliances, cutlery, trash bins, office furniture.

Even a tricycle or bicycle outlived its use can be given for recycling. There are several scrap yard dealers who offer a very good price for the scraps offered. In fact even the car which has outlived its life can be recycled for an amount through the car scrap dealer. Every year there is a sizable number of cars that are recycled.

So instead of throwing away old appliances, rusted rods, broken out of shape vessels, one can earn through them by giving them to a scrap dealer. Here, not only does the person who gives the scrap makes money but the scrap dealer also makes a profit. So it acts as a two way trade.

One need not always give it to a scrap dealer for cash. There are exchange schemes in several shops for many appliances. One can exchange an old appliance like a gas stove for a brand new one, thereby getting a good amount of reduction in price. This kind of purchase does not burn a hole in one’s pocket; also the person can get rid of their old appliance.

An added advantage is that it is environment friendly and also puts a halt on the mindless depletion of the world’s resources. If you’re looking to get cash for cars in Melbourne then check out Danny’s Scrap Metal, they’re our top recommended scrap metal collection company.

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Few Reasons Why Investing In Glass Splashbacks Is A Good Option

Glass splashbacks have become quite popular in the past few years. They offer several advantages over those made from other types of materials. Few reasons why people prefer them include:

Easy and quick installation

Glass splashbacks are manufactured in single pieces or large sections. Kitchen glass splashbacks consist of predrilled screw holes and the glass sections are attached to walls using secure bonding agents. These splashbacks can hence be installed quickly and easily in the kitchen without having to worry about cutting and keeping tiles even.


Durability is the biggest merit associated with glass splashbacks. Glass splashbacks Melbourne are made using toughened glass which is a highly resilient material. This type of glass can effectively withstand sharp knives, acids, scrapes, bangs and knocks. Splashbacks made of this material can hence last for a long period of time.

Colour options

There are many available colour options for kitchen glass splashbacks. A suitable colour which matches the theme and décor of the kitchen may be chosen. Specific colours for splashbacks may also be created using quality graphic programs.

Glass splashbacks Melbourne are available in a wide range of colours. Coloured splashbacks may be used for transforming the look of the kitchen. Splashbacks in bold colours can effectively cover large areas of space. They may hence be used to make the kitchen look appealing and stylish.


Many glass splashbacks Melbourne include LED lighting. These splashbacks can effectively create an outstanding effect. LED lights may also be included in glass worktops. There are several creative ways of using lighting effects in splashbacks. Diffused lighting looks very sophisticated and modern. This effect can easily be created by giving the glass a frosted finish.

Easy to clean and maintain

Glass splashbacks can easily be cleaned without any hassles. With just a spray and wipe, the spalshback can be made to look clean and shiny. The toughened glass used for making kitchen glass splashbacks does not accumulate dirt and resists stains. Cleaning splashbacks made from this material is hence easy.

Hygienic option

Clean kitchens may also have accumulation of mildew, bacteria and microbes. These tend to accumulate in the grouting and edges of tiles. Glass splashbacks Melbourne can effectively solve this problem. The surface of glass is smooth and resists accumulation of bacteria and mould. These splashbacks are hence more hygienic and can help in keeping your family healthy and safe.


Glass is an extremely versatile material, especially when used in kitchen glass splashbacks. It can easily be moulded or cut into a desired shape. Bowls, cooling racks, pipe holes and socket holes may easily be integrated into it. All these features make the installation of glass splashbacks extremely easy and convenient.

Heat resistance

Heat resistance is an important quality which is desirable in various features in the kitchen. Toughened glass has a very high resistance to heat. Splashbacks made from other materials like grout and tiles have a low heat resistance and are hence prone to damages. Once damaged, they may negatively impact the hygiene in the kitchen. Considering these factors, kitchen glass splashbacks can prove to be a good choice. Made from toughened glass, they have a high heat resistance and are not damaged easily in high temperatures.

Reflection of light

Splashbacks made from materials other than glass absorb a high amount of light, but reflect very little. On the contrary, glass splashbacks Melbourne reflect a good amount of light, thereby adding a soft glow to the kitchen.

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Why you should invest in old car removal

Old car removal is a rewarding industry that has endless opportunities. This particular industry is likely to be surviving as long as people use vehicles to commute.  Day by day, people get rid of their old vehicles and go for new ones due to various reasons; these old cars demand the service of old car removal services. Investing in an old car removal business is a smart move due to numerous reasons.

  • Old car removal business is profitable in many ways 

When you start a business, you must ensure that the respective venture has potential to make a profit. Old cash for cars services in Melbourne is such venture that has higher potential to generate considerable profit both in the long and short term basis. Although you should invest some money at the beginning (for a land and a tow truck in particular), it starts to generate profit quicker than many other businesses.

Most of the old, junk vehicles have various releasable items such as headlights, taillights, side mirrors, alloy wheels etc. and you get a good chance to make a profit out of these items. Also, you can sell auto parts to rebuilding companies keeping a good profit margin. Once all the resalable parts are removed, you get the shell of the vehicle (which is steel); you can make hundreds of dollars per each tonne of steel you sell.

  • It is an eco-friendly business 

While there are many businesses that can generate profit but have some serious concerns pertaining to the environment, old car removal business helps the environment. Such business always encourages the public to recycle their old, junk vehicles other than abandoning them. Recycling helps environment majorly and by starting an old car removal business, you become a part of an eco-friendly process. Also, you encourage public to go for more fuel efficient vehicles; you contribute to reducing CO2 emission for the betterment of the world. One company which has made a great effort in providing such a service to further push eco-friendliness is Danny Scrap Metal, who are one of the leading scrap metal companies in Melbourne.

  • It makes the surrounding a better place

Old, junk and abandoned vehicles are a distraction in terms of aesthetic values. By encouraging people to get rid of these vehicles, you make the surrounding a cleaner and pleasant place.

  • It is easy to start 

Compared to many other businesses, it is easier to start an old car removal business. If you get a tow truck and a spacious place to load the vehicles, you are ready to go. However, depending on the law of the state you are willing to do your business; you may need to fulfill some legal requirements which are obvious for any business. You may consider obtaining a startup loan to address the need of initial capital.

You don’t want to worry about the future of the old car removal business as long as people use vehicles. Every time a person purchases a new vehicle, they should get rid of the old vehicle most probably with the help of a car removal service. It is all about doing your basics right and grabbing a sufficient piece of the pie.

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