Scrap Metal Recycling – An Alternative of Earning Some Extra Money

April 15, 2020 0 Comments

Money has always been a very motivating factor for all irrespective of whatever philosophy is woven around it.  So if one gets a chance to earn a little extra money from waste scrap metal, one would surely jump at it. A very safe way is to earn through recycling scrap metal. This can be doubly beneficial as there is less wastage and it gives a good earning potential.

We normally are very familiar with the recycling of paper and clothes. But it is equally lucrative to recycled metals. First let’s have a look at the metals and where they are found.

The metals that can be recycled are

Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel

Copper a Non Ferrous metal can be found in many places, in household appliances, machines air conditioners, and plumbing pipes.  It is mainly used in electrical wiring for its excellent conduction ability. In case any household  copper appliance has outlived its life then it can be then exchanged for a price with the shopkeeper. This metal can also be given to a scrap dealer who will be more than willing to come home to pick it up and also offer a price for it. Check out the main benefits of cash for cars here.

Aluminium though less valuable than copper has more use when recycled as it saves 80% of the energy needed to produce it when recycled .It is found in sliding windows ,doors, roofs, frames, vessels, phone lines, light bulbs. The soda cans can be collected and given to the scrap dealer or shopkeeper who will also pay and at the same time recycle them.

Brass can be found in pots and pans. In fact they can be sold to antique collectors who will preserve them and pay a good price.

Iron is one of the most common metals found right from a stove top, cast iron furniture, skillets, vessels, door handles, hinges, nails, saw, hammer, drills, ploughing equipment etc.

Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable. It can be found in Industrial applications washers and dryers, kitchen appliances, cutlery, trash bins, office furniture.

Even a tricycle or bicycle outlived its use can be given for recycling. There are several scrap yard dealers who offer a very good price for the scraps offered. In fact even the car which has outlived its life can be recycled for an amount through the car scrap dealer. Every year there is a sizable number of cars that are recycled.

So instead of throwing away old appliances, rusted rods, broken out of shape vessels, one can earn through them by giving them to a scrap dealer. Here, not only does the person who gives the scrap makes money but the scrap dealer also makes a profit. So it acts as a two way trade.

One need not always give it to a scrap dealer for cash. There are exchange schemes in several shops for many appliances. One can exchange an old appliance like a gas stove for a brand new one, thereby getting a good amount of reduction in price. This kind of purchase does not burn a hole in one’s pocket; also the person can get rid of their old appliance.

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